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by Annette Müller & Mr. Blasé

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Our intention is to return ceremony to everyday life
To co-create moments that fill your cup
To revel in the richness 
Of community

33°54'42.4"S 18°28'16.2"E




Edition Tres

DATE: 30 JULY 2022



Arrival + Grounding 

· 10h00- 10h30 ·


As you enter the space set an intention and wish for your journey with us. Connect with others or with self, and enjoy our morning nourishing treats, wild weed infusions, and divine drinks. You can also head over to the Healing Sky Lounge for some pre-party alignment and cosmic, psychic downloads.


Elemental Play by Lanél van der Kolff

· 10h30- 10h50 ·

From cultures ancient through to today, play is essential in nurturing our wellbeing, happiness and creativity. Lanél van der Kolff, owner will curate this playful guided experience to help you access those endorphins that we all so dearly need.

Elemental Ceremony by Annette Müller

· 10h50-11h15 ·


RICHUAL co-founder and embodiment guide, Annette, will lead us in honouring the direction and elements through the indigenous medicine wheel. She will move you from head to heart bringing you the confidence to flow and let go. An opening prayer will ground the space and invite everyone onto the dancefloor.


· 11h15- 11h30 ·

...because we love surprises... the last time we had Muzu Kids, a group of uber talented violinists from Khayelitsha, deliver a stellar performance.... what will it be this time?

DJ Sublime

· 11h30- 12h30 ·

DJ Sublime will get the dancefloor going with her heart-opening organic and tribal beats, with her unique interpretation of the elements theme.

Mr. Blasé & blaqkongo

· 12h30- 13h55 ·

RICHUAL co-founder, Mr. Blasé, and blaqkongo will combine to deliver their interpretation of the theme through a heady, infectious blend of dance music.

Closing Sound Healing Ceremony by Yusra Roberts Rajap

· 13h55- 14h15 ·

Yusra, owner of Sounds of Healing, will lead us in closing the celebration with a sound healing journey, helping us all to integrate the experience of the celebration and to continue with the rest of our day, chakras aligned.

PS.....Come dressed to theme


Whatever that means for you...

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