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Edition Uno 


33°54'42.4"S 18°28'16.2"E

We will be in touch!




· 9-10am ·


Indulge in an African-inspired sound journey with traditional instrumental beats to stir your senses and ease your nerves. Our Hostess with the Mostest will provide you with a delicious cacao moodshake ~ to get you in the groove. 


>> Head to the healing sky lounge for a mini shiatsu reset or tarot reading for some pre-party alignment and cosmic downloads << 


You are also welcome to enjoy the infusion bar delicacies including wild weed infusions, the best coffee in town, and surprise breakfast bowls that are locally inspired favourites. 



· 10-1030am ·


We open the space ~ returning ritual, remembering that to party is sacred play and that community is the richness we seek. Ou resident embodiment magician will help us connect to our bodies and get out of our heads…



· 1030-12midday ·


Dance for peace, dance for love, dance your anger out, dance your pleasure in, dance like nobody is watching, dance like everybody is watching, dance like an awkward loner, dance like a disco diva, dance solo, contact dance, dance in your mind, dance with your soul, dance and shout, dance in silent, dance while crying, dance while sitting, dance with kids, dance with gran, dance for reason, dance for no bloody reason at all


… just dance. 


With the support of our rotating DJs with the finest finesse and eclectic sound… we have no doubt that you will dance.


{DJs: Mr Blase' & Roz}



· 1030-12midday ·

Take your overflowing vitality and bliss out with you into the world. Dance into your week knowing that you have set the tone for more play, more ritual, and more dance!



Our intention is to bring ceremony back onto the dance floor. 

To be a space for all people. 

To create an environment that fills your cup. 

To return to ritual. 

To remember the richness of community. 

To inspire humanity to dance again. 


We will see you there…


COLOUR (whatever that means for you...

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